Marketing - SMS Messaging

Sending SMS

Click on the Marketing icon and then click on 'SMS Messaging' from the main tree.
From this area you are able to send Bulk SMS, Scheduled SMS and manage recipient groups.
  1. Click on the 'Add New SMS' button, 
  2. Then click 'save SMS' button. 
  3. The next screen will ask you to select the website this user is associated with from the drop-down menu and also choose the email template and type to be used. 
  4. Click 'Next'.

Manage Groups

This area allows you to manage the groups you currently hold on the CMS. 
  1. To add a new group, click 'Add New Group' and enter the group name in the text box.
  2. Click 'New Group' to save this. Your new group added will appear on the list of groups in the work-space. 
  3. On the right of each group listed there is an Actions column with the options to 'Edit Contacts' or 'Delete Group'.
You are also able to upload your own data via CSV file. 
  1. Click on 'Upload CSV' and you will be taken to the next screen.
  2. Click on 'Download CSV Template' for the correct CSV format for use on the NgageCMS.
  3. Once you have populated the CSV file, click 'Upload CSV File' then 'Select CSV file' and choose the CSV file from your own files, then click 'Open'.

Scheduled SMS

If you have any future emails scheduled, these will appear in the work-space.