Edit Web Page Content - Publishing

Once you have edited a piece of content, you can then have the option to preview the content before making it live to the public.
When a page is checked out, a new version of your content will be saved in the system and automatically and set it to Preview mode.

Making your content live

  1. Click on 'Websites' within the main tree, then click on the red triangle next to your chosen website.
  2. Click on the red triangle next to 'Pages' to show all pages on your website.
  3. Click on the page that you want to edit, and then click on the checkout icon at the top right corner of the work-space.
  4. Click on 'Publishing' across the top of the page and a list of each revision of the content will appear in the work-space.
    Each revision has a unique ID and the date/time recorded.
  5. From the 'Actions' drop-down list select 'Publish Live'.

Other actions

Preview Page:
Allows you to to look at content on a website in preview mode.
Publish Preview:
Allows you to publish your revision in preview mode to your site. once completed a blue tick will appear under the 'Preview' column. You can mark any revision as preview which will revert back to older version of content if required.

Publish Live:
Allows you to publish your revision in live mode to your site. once completed a red tick will appear under the 'Live' column. 
Allows you to delete the selected revision, if you delete a revision which is currently live, the previous revision will then be marked as preview and you will need to re-publish to live.