Settings - URL Redirects

This is where you can redirect URL's. e.g. If you are seeing 404 errors in Web Master Tools you can redirect your URL's here to a current live URL.

Adding a New Redirect

  1. Click on ‘URL Redirects’ from the main tree under Settings.
  2. To add a new URL redirect, click on the ‘Add New Redirect’ button. This will open up a new window where you can populate the following fields:
    1. URL: Enter the full URL or wildcard here. example: /test-page/*
    2. Redirect URL: Enter the URL you want to redirect to. example /home/
    3. Status Code: This field is pre-populated with ‘301 Moved Permanently’.
  3. Once complete click on the ‘Save URL’ button. This will bring you back to the work-space.
    You can delete a URL Redirect by clicking on ‘Delete’ within the Actions drop-down menu.