Getting Started with MVC

Developing a website with NgageCMS, the base project template has everything included to quickly get started, giving you a great base to work from.

Running the base template project, will by default display a series of web pages utilising the bootstrap.


  • Visual Studio 2013 or higher
  • API URL (supplied by Ngage Software)
  • Basic knowledge of C# and MVC


  1. Request the base project template & API URL
  2. Open Visual Studio
  3. Select File - New Project
  4. Select 'Ngage Base MVC Template' from the template list
    ('Templates/Visual C#/Web/NgageSoftware')
  5. Enter a project name and location
  6. Click OK
  7. Edit the web.config file and replace the API URL (supplied by Ngage Software)
  8. Run the project and the default website will be launched.