Build an Order

There are several ways of building an order on the MOD Commerce POS system.

Scan Barcode

The first and most straightforward way is to use the barcode scanner that is attached to the POS system.  

Scanning a barcode will automatically add the item to the shopping basket on the till. Continue scanning items until you are ready to check out. 

Lookup Item

Another way to add an item to the shopping basket is to manually select the product on the screen, if you are unable to scan the barcode for any reason. 

Select 'Lookup Item' at the top of the screen. This will open a screen which lists the categories of items in your store. 

Select the category that the desired item belongs to. If there are any subcategories to choose from, another list of categories will appear.

Next you will see a list of relevant products in the main window, simply select the desired product. 

Selecting an item will allow you to add it to the basket by using the button at the far right of the screen below. 

The item will then be added to the basket. 


You can also search for items if you do not know which category they belong to. 

Simply typing part of a product name into the search box at the top of the screen will automatically find products on the system that contain the search word. 

In the above example, the term ‘CAP’ has been used. A list of related products appears below, simply select the most relevant and the search results will be updated in the main screen. 

You can also enter a product SKU in the search field, if you know what it is. 

Edit Cart

If you need to alter the quantity of an item, you can press the edit button next to the line item on the screen. 

This will enable to you adjust the quantity in the shopping basket, you can do this by entering the quantity manually in the box provided or hitting the plus and minus boxes.

From here you can also adjust the price of an item and add notes to the order.

If you wish to remove an erroneous item from your shopping cart, you can hit the red box at any time to remove an item from your shopping cart.