Manage Current Portal Product Data

This page allows users to easily search for products listed in the Product Manager. Users can search for products by their SKU Code. Once the product has been identified, the Product Manager provides users with the product name and description, with options to edit the content.
Here, multiple changes can be made to any one product at the same time. As the page is already set up for editing you merely highlight and/or click on the content you want to be changed and make the edit. The changes are then applied by click on the “Post Changes” button. 
Furthermore, this function provides real-time information on the stock levels and price of the product, as listed on Amazon and eBay. All this information can be easily updated and changed by clicking on “Post Changes” button. This feature ensures that the product listing on Amazon and eBay reflect the products true description and inventory levels, to ensure success across multiple market places.
Portal Description: This provides details on the products capabilities, features and use. This is a powerful tool that provides customers with greater information that encourages higher sale conversion.
Portal Title: This is the name of the product as displayed in the listing across various market places.