Adding your data feed on the Google Merchant Centre website

Once you have signed up for a Google Merchant Centre account, you can then add your data feed.

1. In the "Products - Feeds" section of the Merchant Centre, click the "New Data Feed" button.
2. Select your country and language.
3. Select the "Shopping ads" checkbox
4. Click Continue
5. Enter a "Feed Name" as "Ngage Product Feed"
6. Select "Scheduled Fetch"
7. Click Continue 
8. Enter "File name" as "Ngage Product Feed" 
9. Enter "File URL" as "https://your-domain-name/GoogleProductFeed.xml"
10. Click "Create Feed"
11. Click on the new feed and click Fetch Now.

Note: If any errors appear about shipping, select the cog icon at the top and enter a default shipping company.