Home Screen - Widgets

The home screen has a generous work space, allowing you to add quick information about areas of the CMS. Additional widgets can be created by your developer, please see the Developers Guide.

These widgets are customised to each user’s profile and can be moved around the page by dragging the headings area. They can also be resized by dragging from the bottom right corner.
Standard Widgets include:

Archive Bin - This feature can be used to review content that has recently been archived.
Website Comments - When members of the public leave comments on you're web pages, you can review, publish and remove them here.
Content In Review - If you wish to review content that you're publisher are producing before publishing them on you're website, then use this widget.
Recycle Bin - Review and recover deleted content here.
  1. To add a widget, click on 'Add New Widget' on the homepage and select the Widget you require from the drop down menu.
  2. This will be automatically added to the homepage.