When an order is placed from various sources, the details appear within 'Orders' area. You can also be alerted by email when an order is placed. (Please refer to the 'Settings' area).
In the workspace there are four options in the top navigation,
  • New Orders: New orders awaiting action.
  • Part Orders: Orders that have been partly dispatched.
  • Account Dispatched Orders: New orders requiring a customer invoice.
  • Dispatched Orders: Orders which have been processed as dispatched.
  • Completed Orders: Orders which have been fully completed.
  • Search Orders: You can search order history by: Date, Order No, Postcode and Name.
If the order is showing in red, then payment has not been confirmed, or the user dropped out of the basket for some reason, if you have ‘Basket Dropout’ enabled within the settings area, an auto email will be sent to customer (this email can also be customised via the settings area).