E-Commerce - Editing a Stock Category

To edit a category:
  1. Right click on the category you wish to edit and choose 'Edit Category' from the context menu.
  2. In the workspace you can make any changes to the category information below.
  3. Click on 'Save Category' to save changes.
Is Active:
if un-checked the category will be unavailable on your website.
Is Navigation:
If you are showing categories as navigation on your website, if un-checked the category will not be displayed.
Navigation Title: 
The title displayed when visible in the navigation.
Display Title:
The title displayed at the top of the category product page, or when displaying a list of category thumbnails.
Category Description:
The content displayed under the ‘Display Title’ at the top of the category product page.
Category Image:
The image used when displaying a list of category thumbnails.
Page Meta Title:
This is the subject heading of a webpage and should describe the page. Meta titles also appear in a web browsers title bar and ideally should be less than 70 characters, including spaces, in length. 

Page Meta Description:
Contains a description of the webpage and is used by search engines.Optimal length for a meta description should be approximately 70-150 characters, including spaces. As you enter your meta description, the amount of characters remaining is shown to the right of the meta description box. Developers can make this field required or display an alert warning. 

Page Content:
Content to display above or below the stock listings for the category, depending on how your developer has setup the category template.