Settings - CMS Settings

This allows a user with correct permissions to change the CMS URL and set the dimensions for images and thumbnails throughout the CMS.
  1. Single right mouse click on 'CMS Settings' from the tree will display a new screen on the right side of the page. 
  2. There are 7 fields that can be modified to customise the URL and size of both thumbnails and images used throughout the website.
  3. CMS Time zone - This relates to the time zone where the CMS is actually located, this is important if you have publishers in different parts of the globe. It will visually effect the publishing dates on the website.
  4. Service IP Whitelist - The website services will be a separate application to the CMS itself, the IP addresses of the servers that are running the services application should be added to this list. This is purely for security purposes and block unauthorised access. Its worth nothing that only IPv4 addresses are allowed here.
  5. Once these fields have been set, click 'save settings' button at top right of the page.
Note: The CMS URL should always match the IIS website host name.