E Commerce - Manufacturers

Under E-Commerce in the main tree, you will find Manufacturers. This area allows you to store detailed information about manufacturers of stock items sold on your website. This information can be used either to filter your products on your website, or when returning stock items to suppliers via the Desktop POS system.
To add a new manufacturer’s details:
  1. Click on 'Manufacturers' within the main tree and click the 'Add New Manufacturer' button.
  2. In the workspace, complete the organisation name and contact details of the new manufacturer.
  3. To add a logo image, click 'select' to select an image from the fly out Assets tree.
  4. Once all information is complete, click the 'Save Manufacturer’ button.
  5. You will then return to the workspace, where your new manufacturer, along with any other manufacturer information, is listed.
  6. On the right of the workspace, under ‘Actions’ there is a drop down menu with two options ‘Edit Manufacturer’ and ‘Delete’.
  7. Select ‘Edit Manufacturer’ to return to the details entered for a manufacturer. Any changes required can be made, and once complete, click the ‘Save Manufacturer’ button.
  8. Select ‘Delete’ to delete a manufacturer. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the manufacturer. Click ‘OK’ and this manufacturer will be removed from your workspace manufacturer list.