Under E-Commerce in the main tree, you will find Shipping allows you to enter the information relating to the various shipping methods and costs available to your customers at checkout.

Adding a new shipping option:

  1. Click on ‘Shipping’ in the main tree and then click the 'Add New Shipping Option' button in the work-space.
  2. You will then be given new fields to populate with information on your chosen shipping method.
    1. Organisation – List the shipping company name.
    2. Delivery Type – Enter the option type.
    3. Tracking URL – Enter here a URL for the ability to track the shipped item.
  3. Once completed, click ‘Save Shipping Option’ button. The list of saved shipping companies, including your new entry, will be listed in the work-space.
  4. On the right of each listing, under ‘Actions’, there is a drop-down menu, with four possible actions: ‘Edit Countries’, ‘Edit Costs’, ‘Edit Details’ and ‘Delete Option’. 

Editing Countries           

Once you have created a shipping option, you can restrict which countries this option applies to.
  1. Select 'Edit Countries' from the actions menu.
  2. A list of current countries serviced by this shipping company are displayed.
  3. To add/edit countries, click ‘Edit Option Countries’ button. 
  4. Tick the box beside the country you want to add.
  5. Once complete, click ‘Save Option Countries’ button.

Editing Shipping Cost

Every shipping option can have multiple costs depending on the total weight of the order at checkout.
Example: if you require a shipping cost of $24.00 for any delivery up to the weight of 2000 grams
  1. Select 'Edit Costs' from the actions menu.
  2. A current list of cost per grams will be displayed.
  3. To add a new cost, click ‘Add New Option Cost’ button.
  4. Enter a 'Total Weight' of 2000
  5. Enter a 'Cost' of 24.00
  6. To delete a cost, select ‘Delete’ from the actions drop-down list on the right of the cost entry.
  7. Once complete, click ‘Save Option Cost’ button.

Editing Shipping Details

Shipping types can be edited if required.
  1. Select 'Edit Details' from the actions menu.
  2. Edit any previously entered information for the shipping option.
  3. Once complete, click ‘Save Shipping Option’ button.

Deleting a Shipping Option

  1. Select 'Delete' from the actions menu.
  2. You will be prompted first to confirm that you want to delete this entry.
NOTE: The shipping options available to a customer can also be restricted on a product basis.
i.e. if you have a particular product that can only be shipped by a certain shipping provider option, then you can deselect all others within the product variations area.