Assets - Image Asset Properties

Every asset has properties that can be viewed and edited.
To view properties for an image asset, left click on the asset within the main tree and in the workspace click on 'Properties'. There are 7 options here:
  1. Is Active: Check the box if you want this image to be shown on the website.
  2. Members Only: Check this box to only allow members of the website to see this page. If this box is unchecked the page can be viewed by the public.
  3. Members Assigned Only: Check this box to only allow website members who have been given permission to this asset. If this box is not checked the asset can be viewed by the public.
  4. Filename: The actual name of the file if downloaded (example.jpg).
  5. Title: The asset title which is used for reference within the MOD Commerce CMS.
  6. Navigate URL: This allows you to customise the on-click URL, when the image is clicked on your website.
  7. Description: This is text which can be used when listing documents in your website content.