Assets - Open a Folder

  1. To view files within a folder, either left click on the folder within the main tree or right click the folder and choose 'Open Folder'.
  2. This will then open the files as a list view or thumbnail view in the workspace.
  3. To change the views, click on either 'List View' or 'Thumbnail View' within the top navigation.
'Thumbnail View' allows you to see images, 'List View' lists the names of the files and shows you the type of file and when they were last modified. You can also hover over a list item to see a thumbnail of this file. Within both views you can edit or delete the assets.
The 'List View' has an Actions column on the right of the workspace. From here you can either ‘Edit Image' or 'Delete Image'.
The 'Thumbnail View' has two icons underneath each image which allows you to 'Edit Image' or 'Delete Image'.